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【Snow Fight 】|Traditional Japanese Sports

Snow Fight is a traditional ice and snow sport in Japan. Every snow season, a national snow fight competition is held in Japan's snowy areas. At the same time, practice snow fights (indoor snow fights) will be held in non-snowing areas, and special bean bags will be used instead of snowballs, so that snow fights are not restricted by the environment.

Features of Snow War

The reason why Xuehezhan is so popular!!!


Snow combat competitions need to attack the opponent's position, extremely need the use of tactics, the use of wisdom, dodge, and advance, all can meet the development of young people.


The forwards and defenders have different functions and require division of labor and cooperation.
The basic skills are easy to learn, and the official competition can be played immediately after learning the rules.


The dodge technique is close to the dodge ball, and the attack is a baseball pitch, which can be used for technical transfer.
It has the excitement of a war game, can increase interest, and is safer.

1. Special snowball beanbag for indoor snowball combat

2. Snowball making machine for imitating snow and snow combined with ice cutter

3. A special obstacle safety helmet for the flag of the snowball making machine for real snow and snow combat

Snow combat equipment

Snow Fighting Rules

The form of the snow fight is very similar to "snowball fights" and "offensive and defensive battles." It is mainly conducted in the form of two teams fighting. The game adopts a three-game two-win system. Each game has three minutes. During the game, you must use a snowball to defeat the opponent at the same time, and use the snow wall as a cover. You can win by pulling out the opponent's flag first. In the game, each team will send seven people to participate. If more than three people step on the opponent's field during the game, it will be considered as a loss. It is a sport that emphasizes cooperation between the players.

Initial setup

  1. Two teams play against each other with 9 players from each team and 7 players from each team

  2. Up to 2 substitutes can be set

  3. The 7 players on the field consist of 4 forwards and 3 defenders.

​Win conditions

  1. One side captures the opposing team’s flag and wins directly

  2. When one team is hit by all players, the other team wins

  3. After each game, the side with the more remaining players wins

​Basic gameplay

  1. The game uses a three-game two-win system with three minutes per game

  2. Use the snow wall as a cover to throw snowballs at each other

  3. Hit the opponents of the opponent team with snowballs, and remove the opponent's team flag within the game time​


  1. Repair damaged snowballs or remake snowballs during the game

  2. A start at the start of the game will be considered out

  3. The overall shape is less than two-thirds of snowballs

  4. ​Use snowballs that are not in the venue and snowballs from outside the venue


Snow joint war site

7 people to 7 people

The field is 38 meters long and 12 meters long. One obstacle is set on the midfield line, and three obstacles are set on each side of the field line. The flags of both sides are set up behind the team field.


Emerging Sports [Snow Fight Yukigassen]

Showa Shinzan International Competition Film

Emerging Sports Snow Fight Yukigassen Promotional Video

Emerging sports snow battle Yukigassen

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