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Kick ball


Round tennis


All-round rugby

Angle Ball

Offensive and defensive




Gao Zhier Ball

​Wiser Ball



Kick ball

Introduction : A special 48-inch giant nylon ball can be used for a variety of sports games.


  1. The shot must be performed by 4 people at the same time, and the cooperation is very high

  2. Huge equipment, easy to arouse the interest of participants

  3. Three teams play at the same time, the only one in the world!

  4. Group games are particularly rich, suitable for experience activities

Equipment requirements
Equipment use: fitness ball
The number of players: 4 players to 4 players to 4 players, three teams at the same time the ratio of teachers and students: 1: 16
Venue requirements: basketball court or auditorium (requires power supply for inflation)

basic rules

  • Kinball is a ball game where three teams play at the same time.

  • Each team has 4 players, and a total of 12 players play the same game

  • When the team is attacking, 4 players need to touch the Kin-Ball simultaneously. The color of the defensive team must be called before hitting the ball, and the corresponding defensive team must pick up the ball to avoid Kin-Ball touching the ground

  • If the defensive team cannot catch the shot, it is called a foul

  • Kin-Ball’s scoring method is that one team fouls and the other two teams score


All-round rugby

Introduction : Improved from North American Indian national game, each side has a three-meter high ball post. There is no field limit, and the game is played in FLAG. Only by hitting the target on the opponent's post can score.


  1. There is no boundary field, the setting is more free

  2. The number of people is flexible, 3 VS 3 to 12 VS 12 or even more people

  3. Highly interesting

  4. High teamwork and heavy passing

Equipment requirements

Use of equipment: ball post, goal ball, angle ball, flag race number: 6 to 12, teacher-student ratio: 1: 24
Venue requirements: auditorium, basketball court, any Guangzhuo space

Way of playing

  • Each team has 5-12 people, depending on the size of the venue, there can be more people

  • Set up the ball posts at both ends of the game field, and set a 2-3 meter penalty area around the ball posts to increase the difficulty

basic rules

  • The shooter must shoot the ball outside the penalty area

  • If the pass fails, exchange possession

  • Intentionally kicking the ball or touching the ball with the foot requires an exchange of possession

  • The ball holder can walk around at will until the flag is taken away and possession of the ball is transferred

​Scoring method
Use ANGEL BALL to knock down the opponent's target ball and score 1 point. We suggest to play 7 points per round, first win 2 rounds and one side wins



Introduction : A simplified version of tennis, easy to learn and fun!


  1. The amount of activity and exercise of pickleball is smaller than that of tennis. People who don't play tennis too much are suitable to play pickleball as a regular exercise.

  2. The venue and equipment required for pickleball is cheaper than tennis, and it is easy to popularize

  3. Very popular in China, Taiwan and the United States

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: Pickleball and racket number of matches: 2 to 2
Teacher-student ratio: 1: 12
Venue requirements: badminton court, activity room, auditorium

basic rules

  • Pickleball is a racket sport where both sides hit the ball back and forth

  • In the batting rules, it is forbidden to volley an incoming ball within 7 feet in front of the net, which helps to reduce excessive smashes in front of the net.

  • 1 point for the ball to enter the ground within the boundaries of the opponent's court

  • The opponent fouls or hits the ball outside the boundary to score 1 point


Round tennis

Introduction : Round tennis is an emerging sport in the United States. Both sides are centered on a round bullet net.


  1. The gameplay is special and very fresh

  2. Not much space required

  3. 360-degree positioning flexibility

  4. High cooperation

  5. Training hand-eye coordination

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: dedicated grid, SPIKE BALL
Number of players in the competition: 2 people, a team of teachers and students: 1: 16
Venue requirements: activity room, playground, auditorium

Way of playing

  • The four players should start the game with a dedicated net frame as the center, and stand at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock on the clock to catch the ball. There are two ways to start and start.

  • After the attacker hits the ball on the net frame, the ball can land to score

  • If the defender can catch the ball after hitting the net frame, it is convenient to swap the offense and defense.

  • Each game is generally divided into 15 rounds

basic rules

  • Use only hands when hitting and receiving the ball

  • If the ball hits the edge of the net, it is considered a mistake and the opponent scores

  • If the ball of the attacking team hits the net and then bounces, it is considered a mistake and the opponent scores

  • In each offensive, a team can touch the ball up to three times (including batting)

  • The same player cannot touch the ball twice in a row

  • Can't connect or stick the ball with the palm


Offensive and defensive

Introduction : The boom of offensive and defensive warfare has been unabated for many years. The use of sponge bows and arrows for WAR GAME-style battles is both exciting and safe, and the equipment is close to real bows and arrows, so it is very real. In addition, there is a simple version of the bow and arrow, suitable for children to operate, easier to shoot.


  1. Experience real archery fun

  2. Suitable for group establishment

  3. Enhance participant interest

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: mask, recurve bow, sponge arrow, five-eye target, obstacles. Number of matches: depending on the size of the venue, 5-10 people in a team. Field requirements: basketball court, auditorium, any wide space
Way of playing

  • The venue is divided into two sides, each according to one side

  • There are obstacles and five-eye targets on each side

  • Each is equipped with a mask and recurve bow

Victory conditions

  • Within a limited time, hit the opponent or shoot through five bullseye to win instantly

  • After the time limit, calculate the total number of remaining players and bullseye, the higher side wins

competition rules

  • The sponge part of the bow and arrow shot by the player hits any part of the body, which means out, including mask, vamp, bow

  • Touching the part of the arrow body will not leave the game. If it can be confirmed, it can revive those who have already been out of the game.

  • The field area between the two bullseye is a neutral area, you can enter to pick up arrows, but you are not allowed to shoot or receive arrows.


Gao Zhier Ball

Introduction : A static ball game that combines resourcefulness and sports. The game is divided into two teams, and everyone takes turns to serve the ball. The goal is to hit the ball under the opponent's ground to block its action.


  1. Emphasize skillful play and outsmart strategy

  2. Pay attention to strength and position control

  3. Zero body contact, male and female can be in the same field

  4. Attach importance to communication among team members to discuss countermeasures

Equipment requirements

Equipment usage: 7 Gaozhier balls each in red and white colors, 10 each for yellow flag and red flag

Number of players: 7 vs. 7

Teacher-student ratio: 1: 14

Site requirements: The ideal site is grass and beaches, auditoriums and playgrounds are also acceptable but flat

Way of playing

  • Team competition-consists of two teams, each with 7 players, each holding a ball to compete. With our team's ball hitting his team's ball as the main purpose, which team will first let the opponent no longer have a competitive ball on the court will win.

competition rules

  • Gaozhier Ball uses our team ball to hit his team ball as the main purpose. A ball hit by the opponent must go through the first hit "first pass", the second hit "second pass", and the third hit It was judged "out" only in the middle.

  • The two teams take turns to attack until there is no competitive ball on the court.

  • At the end of the game time, the team with the least number of hits is the winner.



Introduction : A sport suitable for all ages, using precision throwing bags to score points.


  1. Vigorous control

  2. Training patience, not irritable

  3. Suitable for all ages

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: cloth bag, cloth bag ball special board

Number of matches: 2 vs. 2

Teacher-student ratio: 1: 12

Venue requirements: auditorium, playground, lawn
Way of playing

  • Team competition-consists of two teams, each with 2 players, each holding 2 bags. Take turns to throw the cloth bags onto the opponent's cloth bag board, the highest scorer wins.

competition rules

  • Throwing time per person is twenty seconds

  • Your feet must not exceed your own bag board

Scoring method

  • The cloth bag stays on the board to get a point

  • ​The bag is thrown into the hole in the board to get three points

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