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VX ball

​Sports VX



Kick billiard


Dry field hockey




​Floor curling

Floor Curling

​Finnish Wooden Pillar


Soft dart

Soft Darts

VX ball

Introduction : Use special double-headed clubs and soft tennis for a variety of sports games, popular in many European countries
VX Ball places great emphasis on player cultivation and character, so it is called the'gentleman's ball'.

1. Control the double-headed VX club to train left and right coordination
2. VX ball sports contains a variety of techniques to experience different actions
3. Players who have held the ball cannot be snatched by the opponent to reduce the chance of injury
4. Sports blending, dodge ball, club tennis, tornado ball, canoe also have their shadows, can be used for technology transfer

Equipment requirements
Number of matches: two teams; 2-4 people and a team with teacher-student ratio: 1: 12
Venue requirements: auditorium, activity room, rainy day playground equipment use: VX cue, soft tennis

Scoring method (basic rules):
-Use a VX cue to make a VX ball hit the opponent player below the neck position to get 1 point
-Use the VX cue and then the opponent's VX ball to score 3 points

Way of playing
-The field is divided into two sides evenly, each of which is based on one side, and cannot cross the center line
-Use the club all the way to shoot or try to catch the opponent


Dry field hockey

Introduction : Dry land ice hockey evolved from ice hockey. When there is enough space, it can be played on any venue. Scoring with a club shot is an easy team sport.


  1. Energetic, energetic, happy and relaxing exercise.

  2. Professional sports teams need to be equipped with professional sports shoes, clubs, goals, goalkeeper equipment, etc. The general experience only requires one club and one ball per person.

  3. Easy to learn, you can get started in 10 minutes of teaching.

  4. The safety is high. Most collisions are generated between the rod and the rod, which is different from the collision between the body and the body of other sports, so it has high safety.

  5. Dryland ice hockey can increase the interaction and communication of the players and increase the cohesion of the team.

Scoring method (basic rules):

-Use a VX cue to make a VX ball hit the opponent player below the neck position to get 1 point
-Use the VX cue and then the opponent's VX ball to score 3 points

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: cue, plastic ball, goal

Number of matches: 5 players to 5 players

Teacher-student ratio: 1: 24

Venue requirements: auditorium, basketball court, football field

Way of playing

  • Each player has one hockey stick and one ball for the entire game

  • Fight in two teams, each with 6 people, one of whom is a goalkeeper

competition rules

  • Can not jump to catch the ball, the position of the ball must be below the knee.

  • When shooting, you must be below the waistline.

  • Limited shoulder-to-shoulder ball grabs are allowed.

  • Can't hit or provoke the opponent's club to grab the ball.

Scoring method

  • 1 point for a goal

  • Winner with higher score at the end of time



Introduction : The gameplay is similar to handball. There are bounce nets at both ends of the field. Players can choose either end of the net to attack. As long as the ball is shot outside the penalty area, the ball bounces out of the penalty area and falls into the field to score. Players on both sides are not allowed to intercept or prevent the opponent's attack, so it is also known as "junzi ball" .


  1. A clever solid ball without collision or blocking

  2. Lively rhythm and full of excitement

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: 1 or 2 rebound nets, Qiaogu ball number of players: 7 to 7 teachers-student ratio: 1: 24
Suggested venues: auditorium, basketball

Way of playing

  • Race 3 single network for 3 people

  • Double Nets 7 vs 7

competition rules

  • Each attack only three passes opportunity to shoot the ball must pass 3

  • Each side of the bullet net can only attack 3 times in a row, and the side must be changed for the fourth time.

  • Players cannot hold the ball for more than 3 seconds

  • Players can only take up to 3 steps after receiving the ball, of which only the touchdown is counted and the center of gravity is not counted

  • When the offensive player is passing the ball, shooting the net or receiving the ball, the defending team player must not have any blocking behavior

  • When a player stands firm on his feet without moving his body or hands, it is also regarded as a blocking behavior

Scoring method

  • 1 point is awarded if the ball bounced back into the field by shooting the net is not received by a player of the opposing team

  • When the ball bounces from the net into the penalty area or the ball is shot into the penalty area, 1 point is awarded to the opposing team

  • If the shot fails to touch the net, the opponent will score 1 point

  • If the ball bounces back from the net and falls off the court, the opponent will score 1 point

  • If the ball bounces back from the net and hits the player or catches the ball, the team will be awarded 1 point


Finnish wooden pillar

Introduction : A traditional Nordic sport suitable for all ages, now spread all over the world. The gameplay is similar to the scoring method of bowling and darts.


1. Emphasize skillful play and outsmart, emphasize strategy
2. Pay attention to strength and position control
3. Not very antagonistic, suitable for friendly matches
4. Zero body contact, men and women can be in the same field

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: 12 wooden poles (No. 1-12), 1 throwing stick
Number of participants: 4 to 8 people for a set of equipment, teacher-student ratio: 1: 16
Site requirements: grass, sand, auditorium/ playground (requires floor mats)

Way of playing

Players group confrontation, when two or more generally, any number of people in each group take turns to throw two innings or carried over into the higher total score is the winner

competition rules

All must be thrown when to start throwing throwing three consecutive fall, immediately after throwing out every time, fallen poles will fall in the standing position again



Introduction : It is a fictional aerial ball game in the novel "Harry Potter". Players must ride on a flying broomstick to compete. The game method is a bit similar to cricket or polo in reality. The reality version of Quidditch has developed very internationally.


  1. Use famous novels as the background to be more engaged

  2. This is a campaign to promote gender equality

Equipment requirements

Use of equipment: score goals, broomsticks, volleyball, dodge ball number of matches: 7 to 7 teacher-student ratio: 1: 24
Venue requirements: auditorium, basketball court

Way of playing

Each team has seven players into battle. According to the characters in the novel, it includes a Seeker (snatcher), two Beaters (hitters), three Chasers (stalkers) and a Keeper.
Players in the first category: trackers
-The tracker will wear a white turban. The main responsibility is to throw the volleyball in the hand, which is the Quaffle (Quaffle) in the play, into the enemy circle (long goal), and also to prevent the enemy player from shooting himself Longmen.
Players of the second category: Longmen
-Like kicking waves, there will also be dragon guards, one for each team, and a green headscarf. Responsible for keeping the dragon gate.
The third category of players: hitters
-Each team has two batters wearing black turbans. They mainly use dodge balls in their hands, that is, "pug" in the play, to attack the opponents. The player who is hit must return to the home court immediately and touch the goal to continue the game.
The fourth category of players: catchers
-In the 17th minute of the match, the "Golden Scout" (neutral person) will fall off the field, and each team will have a "Catcher" who will fall off the field in the 18th minute of the match. If grabbed, the game will end immediately. The one who grabs it will win.

All must be thrown when to start throwing throwing three consecutive fall, immediately after throwing out every time, fallen poles will fall in the standing position again

competition rules

  • The stick must be clamped. If the stick falls on the way, you need to go back and touch the dragon gate before you can play

  • No more than 4 players of the same sex on the field

us quidditch.jpg

Soft dart

Introduction : In recent years, soft darts have emerged, which can be used for online battles. Coupled with security, they are no longer limited to bar culture.


  1. The dart head is made of plastic, which is safer than traditional ones

  2. Electronic scoring meets modern needs

  3. Small muscle control training, can’t just rely on vigorously

  4. Frequent competitions around the world, ready to win glory for Hong Kong

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: soft darts, electronic darts, number of matches: 2 teachers and students ratio: 1: 12
Venue requirements: any indoor venue

Way of playing

  • ​The two sides take turns using three darts to throw, starting from the throwing line set about 244 cm from the center of the target surface

competition rules

  • Do not cross the front of the dart target during the game to avoid interference and affect the players.

  • Do not stand in the sight of players throwing darts to watch the game or walk around.

  • Please keep quiet when your opponent throws a dart.

  • Don't jump while throwing darts.

  • Dartboards may be damaged. Do not throw darts in baseball and softball.

Scoring method (01Game)
At the beginning of the game, the two sides will have the same score first. In large masters, most of them are "501"... The two sides shoot darts in turn, throwing 3 darts each time (per round) to start the score, such as "501 points" To deduct the score you hit, first deduct the score to "return to zero" and you will be able to "set a bid" and win the game! The goal must be "return to zero" is the main rule of 01 Game... For example , One side is left with "10 points", this round of 3 darts, if the first dart hits 10 points, the bid can be completed; if the score exceeds 10 points, it is "Bust" (burst), the next round is Continue to deduct from 10 points until one of the players successfully returns the remaining points to zero.


Kick billiard

Introduction : POOL SOCCER is an emerging event in Europe and the United States in recent years. Simply understand it is a combined version of football + table tennis! Initially it only had a floor table setting, and now it has developed a blowing style that can be taken anywhere!


  1. The gameplay is special and very fresh

  2. Simple technology, suitable for all ages

  3. Snooker giant version, absolutely attractive

  4. Highly strategic

Equipment requirements

Use of equipment: dedicated football and inflatable billiard tables. Number of matches: 2-6 people. Teacher-student ratio: 1: 12
Venue requirements: activity room, playground, auditorium (need to be continuously plugged in for blowing)

basic concepts
Huabo is No. 9-15], Sebo is No. 1~7, Heibo is No. 8, White wave has no number, the above is a total of 16 balls

​Game method

  • Both sides take turns serving (kick white ball)

  • The color of the ball that was put in the bag at the beginning belongs to oneself, and the other color directly represents the opponent (Huabo or Sebo)

  • Every time you serve, you can serve again if you can score your own suit into the bag

  • Every time you serve, if the white ball is pocketed, the opponent can put the white ball anywhere and then serve again

Victory conditions
First put the wave of your own color into the pocket, and finally the black 8th player wins. If the color wave is not finished, the black wave will be in the pocket, and the round will be turned directly

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​Floor curling

Introduction : The land-based version of the Winter Olympics curling is not restricted by the venue, suitable for all ages.


  1. There is no physical requirement, the elderly, children, and youth can be mixed for competition

  2. Zero body touch, male and female can be in the same field

  3. There is no need to fight for strength, but focus on strategy and cooperation

  4. There is time for each team member to communicate and discuss countermeasures

Equipment requirements

Equipment usage: 8/12/16 ground pots and one track Number of races: 4 people to 4 people on a track Teacher-student ratio: 1: 16
Venue use: What is the activity room or any court, at least 10 meters in length

basic rules

  1. The game is divided into two teams. There are six rounds in one game. Each round takes turns on the track to hold 1.5 kg

  2. Push the ground pot into the target-like scoring area (House), the one closest to the center of the circle will win

  3. The winning team can calculate the score of the game. The opponent’s nearest center pot to the center point, as many pots in the middle, there will be as many points

  4. In the end, the team with the higher total score of the six innings is the winner

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