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健球 教練 課程

we provide


Coaching course



​Community Promotion

The association is committed to introducing emerging foreign sports to every corner of the Hong Kong community.

School promotion in middle and elementary schools. Inclusive activities in elderly centers and disabled health centers. Exhibition activities of shopping malls, corporate brands, etc. The association is welcome.

NESA newly emerged sports


​School team training

The long-term development of emerging sports in schools will inevitably become important items. Every year, local and overseas competitions, large and small, are also valued by schools, physical education teachers, parents, and students.

​The school team training courses are taking root for emerging sports.

旋風球也是newly emerged sports


Sports Equipment

Emerging sports equipment is generally difficult to buy in the market. In order to meet the needs of the public, the association provides the purchase service of dodge board, tornado ball, Finnish wooden pole, hoop tennis, national king chess, bag ball, and mini floor curling.

SPIKEBALL IS newly emerged sports

We provide coaching workshops for various emerging sports, including certification courses for instructors, coaches and referees of various emerging sports.

All Emerging Sports Coaching Course qualifications are recognized by the General Association of the Emerging Sports.

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