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Snow fight




Whirlwind ball

​Fly Ball

​Evasion Disk


Foot shuttlecock


Dodge ball


​Three badminton


Balloon volleyball​

​Balloon Volley


Battledore and shuttlecock

Hand ball



Snow fight

Introduction : Japanese traditional ice and snow sports. Hong Kong uses safety beanbags instead of snowballs, similar to the WAR GAME game experience! The goal is to grab the flag or knock down all members of the opponent with snowballs


  1. Evasion and advancement can meet the needs of young people's physical development

  2. Attacking the opponent’s position requires tactical use and wisdom

  3. Forwards and defenders have different functions and need to work together

  4. The basic techniques are easy to learn, and the official competition can be played immediately after learning the rules

  5. Attack technique is similar to pitcher baseball, dodge technique is close to dodge ball, technique can complement each other

  6. It has the excitement of war game, full of fun, and higher security

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: bean bag snowball x 90, flag x 2, special obstacle x 8, safety goggles x 14
Number of players: 7 vs. 7
Teacher-student ratio: 2: 28
Venue requirements: basketball court, auditorium, handball court (ideal

Way of playing

  • Seven members, four strikers named, may not be returned back line generally use the best of three games

basic rules

  • Successfully capture the opponent's flag and win immediately. Hit the opponent with a snowball to make him out. If all opponents are out, win immediately

  • If the time is over, the number of surviving players will be used as the score, and the more side will win

  • There is no catching rule, only dodge

Emerging Sports Newly Sports 新興運動

​Evasion Disk

Introduction : Play with a safety floppy saucer and dodge ball, easy to learn and stimulate


  1. Less body collision, no problem with men and women

  2. Physical fitness requirements

  3. Soft body frisbee, won't get hurt

  4. Rare multiplayer team sports

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: dodge plate number of matches: 10 people per team
Teacher-student ratio: 1: 24
Venue requirements: 9X18 meters (volleyball court), or any similar activity room

basic rules

  1. Divide into two teams to fight, prepare and arrange at least one player to the outfield before you belong to the infield

  2. The purpose is to hit the opponent's infield player with a dodge set, and at the end of the time, the score is based on the number of infield players of both sides, the higher one win

  3. Infield players who are hit and unable to continue must go to their own outfield to continue the game

  4. Outfield players can pass and attack freely. Once the opponent's infield player is attacking, they can get the right to return to their own infield.

躲避盤器材 Emerging Sports Newly Sports 新興運動
躲避盤中學組賽事 躲避盤 DODGEBEE
Emerging Sports Newly Sports 新興運動

Dodge ball

Introduction : The dodge ball sport has been developed in Hong Kong for ten years. More than 100 schools have dodge ball teams. Compared with dodge discs, using the ball to attack or pass, it is easier to master, exciting and fun. Recently, the double ball style in the United States has become more popular and more playful.


  • Easy to learn

  • Fast paced

  • High group

Equipment requirements

Use of equipment: dodge ball game number: 10 to 10 teacher-student ratio: 1: 24
Venue requirements: auditorium, basketball court

Way of playing

  • 10 players are sent to each side, 9 of them are infielders

  • At least one player is an outfield player, who is called a "ghost", and is responsible for attacking on the outfield.

competition rules

  1. Players in the infield area are hit by the ball anywhere on the body, they must immediately exit the game and retreat to the outfield area

  2. If the players in the infield area successfully receive the ball, the teammates in the outfield area can be "resurrected" to return to the infield.

  3. When the attacking team hits the face (face, head) of an infield player of the defending team, the hit is invalid

  4. Players must throw the ball within five seconds after receiving the ball

Scoring method

  • The game uses a two-game system, each game takes 5 minutes. When the whistle is sounded, the referee will count the number of infield players on both sides, and the side with the larger number of players in the two rounds will win.

Special recommendation-double ball

  • Use six soft dodge balls

  • The venue is recommended to use an auditorium or similar space with walls

  • Your own outfield is behind your own infield, and is responsible for picking up the ball outside and passing it back to teammates after being out

閃避球器材 Emerging Sports Newly Sports
Anchor 3

Foot shuttlecock

Introduction : In traditional folk sports, you can play tricks, and there are also net fights. The original concept of the invention originated from the kick, that is, ancient football, and later developed into the shuttlecock played with hands.


  1. Easy to understand

  2. Use hands and feet together to train coordination

  3. Individual practice and group practice are both possible

  4. Safe and not easy to get injured

  5. Use a large shuttlecock for easier control

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: Shuttlecock, badminton net Number of matches: 3 persons to 3 persons Teacher-student ratio: 1: 20 persons Site requirements: auditorium, basketball court, badminton court

Way of experience
Basic four style coaches:

  1. Inside of foot

  2. Outside of the foot

  3. instep

  4. thigh

  5. Surrounding the shuttlecock, a large group of people form a circle and play together

Way of playing

  • Perform a volleyball-like turn-based net fight

  • 1 point for opponent foul

  • 1 point for kicking a shuttlecock into the opponent's court

  • Touch the shuttlecock 4 times and send it to the opponent's court

  • Each person cannot kick 3 times in a row

  • Shuttlecock can touch the shuttlecock with head, body and feet, but not with hands or arms

足毽器材 Emerging Sports Newly Sports 新興運動

​Three badminton

Introduction : The development concept of three-person badminton is to make it easier to get started through the improvement of badminton, to achieve the happiness of the young and the old, and to develop the spirit of communion.


  1. Easier to hit the target!

  2. Slower ball speed and larger volume

  3. The racket is shorter to facilitate operation

  4. There are three players in the same district, it is easier to make up

  5. Passing rules increase cooperation.

  6. The prohibition of smashing reduces the overall speed, improves the beginner's batting rate and self-confidence.

  7. The entry technology requirements are lower, and it is suitable for communion and parent-child activities.

  8. After learning three-person badminton, most of the techniques can be applied to the original badminton sport.

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: badminton racket (within 500mm length), special sponge badminton, badminton net. Number of matches: 3 people to 3 people Teacher-student ratio: 1: 20 people Site requirements: auditorium, basketball court, badminton court

Scoring method

  1.   Make the ball enter the ground within the boundaries of the opponent's court

  2. The opponent fouls or hits the ball outside the boundary

Basic gameplay

  • Roughly the same as badminton, but with the following changes. . . .
    1. After one hit, the player in the same area can hit the ball again and send it to the opponent's court
    2. One person is a forward and can move freely. The remaining two are guards and can only move behind the service line.
    3. No smash

三人羽毛球 Emerging Sports 新興運動
三人羽毛球 Emerging Sports Newly Sports

Whirlwind ball

Introduction : The special racket and the whirlwind ball with special patterns can throw unpredictable balls. Individuals or groups have different experiences.


1. The uniquely designed racket can make a serve with a changing track
2. Defensive team, lack of complementarity when receiving the ball, showing the spirit of cooperation
3. No need to grab the ball, reduce body collision, suitable for men and women on the same field

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: tornado ball, special racket x 12
Number of participants: 6 to 6 Teacher-student ratio: 1: 12
Venue use: basketball court

basic rules

  • Players need to knock the ball down into the opponent's court to score points

  • Receiving the ball from the opponent is the only way to defend

  • Players of the two teams occupy a zone, one offensive and one defensive for the game

  • Six players need to take turns to serve with 3 people in the front row and 3 in the back row as in a volleyball match

旋風球 Newly Sports 新興運動
旋風球小學組比賽 Emerging Sports 新興運動
旋風球場地 Emerging Sports Newly Sports

Balloon volleyball​

Introduction : Use special balloons for volleyball competition. Suitable for the elderly, even the disabled to participate.


  • Balloon volleyball is very light, it is very easy to receive and pass the ball, without too high physical fitness

  • Smash and serve, with a sense of speed, can be defended by a sound person

  • People with disabilities can participate, and able-bodied people can assist in moving

  • Also suitable for all young people

Equipment requirements

Equipment use: a special balloon volleyball, air pump, net frame number of competitions: 6 to 6 teacher-student ratio: 1: 24
Suggested venue: badminton court, auditorium, large activity room

competition rules

  • The serving and smashing side must serve after the line

  • The receiver needs all players to pass the ball once

  • And teleport to the opponent's field within ten times

  • The same player cannot touch the ball twice in a row unless a teammate has touched it

Scoring method

  • Opponent fouls, score 1 point

  • Successfully scored volleyball into the opponent's court

新興運動氣球排球 Emerging Sports Newly Sports
全日本氣球排球小學組比賽 Emerging Sports 新興運動


Introduction : Based on the principle of Tai Chi, a special racket is used to control the ball inside the racket. You can practice routine performances alone or play against the net.


1. Stresses clever play on the strategy and tactics to outsmart, softness, inaction
2. The full name of the soft ball is "Tai Chi soft ball", because it is a Tai Chi ball sport born in time. It seems weak and relaxed, but the strength and position control consume physical energy
3. Popular in Taiwan and China
4. Not very antagonistic, suitable for friendly matches

Equipment requirements

Use of equipment: softball, special racket Number of matches: 2 to 2 people, but generally group body practice routines are the main teacher-student ratio: 1: 12
Venue requirements: badminton courts, auditoriums, activities

competition rules

  • In fact, "soft ball" can be divided into two types of routines and competitive competitions.

  • The rules of competitive sparring are similar to those of badminton, requiring the use of strength to fight back.

  • When catching the ball, the force of the ball and the force of the body's rotation are combined through the "solitary lead" to form a greater force of completeness and integrity

柔力球套路 Emerging Sports Newly Sports
新興運動柔力球 Emerging Sports Newly Sports

​Badminton (trefoil ball)

Introduction : The shuttlecock, also known as the trefoil, is the ancestor of badminton and a close relative of shuttlecock. The birthplace is nowhere to be found. Taiwan, Japan, China, and South Korea also have the footprints of cricket.


1. Easier to hit the target!
-The ball is lighter and more flexible
-The racket is shorter to facilitate operation
2. The speed of smash is not high, which improves the batting rate of beginners and increases self-confidence
3. The technical requirements for entry are lower than traditional badminton, and more suitable objects
4. Most of the technology can be applied to the original badminton

Equipment requirements

Number of players in the competition: 2 players to 2 students in the competition: 1: 16
Venue requirements: badminton courts, activity room equipment use: dedicated shuttlecock, wooden racket

basic rules

  1. 1 point for the ball to enter the ground within the boundaries of the opponent's court

  2. The opponent fouls or hits the ball outside the boundary to score 1 point

Foul: The racket or body touches the net, the racket or body crosses the net

新興運動三葉球 Emerging Sports Newly Sports
板羽球(三葉球) Emerging Sports Newly Sports

Hand ball

Introduction : Replace tennis with a handball. The gameplay is the same as tennis, simple and easy to start.


  1. The hand ball is softer, reducing the risk of injury.

  2. You can play games with only one-eighth of the tennis court

  3. No racket, hands instead of racket, training left and right hand coordination

Equipment requirements

Use of equipment: hand-ball game number: 1 to 1, 2 to 2 (mixed doubles/singles)
Teacher-student ratio: 1: 8
Venue requirements: badminton court, tennis court, auditorium, activity room

competition rules

  • ​Each ball of the server can only touch the ground once

  • Players must not cross the net

  • Can't hit the ball with both hands

​Scoring method

  • ​The serving side successfully serves and touches the opponent's court ground once, but the opponent cannot successfully return the ball, the serving side successfully scores one point​

taspony Emerging Sports Newly Sports
taspony Emerging Sports Newly Sports
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