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Le emerging sports calendar Sports Association


Leli Emerging Sports Club was established in 2018. In the same year, the Leli Sports Emerging Sports Popularization Plan was launched. The purpose of the plan was to develop young sports potentials, explore unknown areas, and promote young people to learn new skills.

On the day of the plan’s launch ceremony, many heavyweight guests were present and supported, such as Mr. Ma Fengguo, Member of the Legislative Council, Ms. Kan Wenqing, representative of the Chinese Snow Fighting League, Mr. Shi Baosheng, the fancy football player, Hong Kong’s youngest female boxing champion Zhen Baozhu (Hu Kaixin),
Mr. Zhang Xiaolun, the Foil Master of the Hong Kong Fencing Team.


Our work

Leli Emerging Sports Club provides coaching courses, sports experience, community promotion, competition coordination and other emerging sports related services. We serve more than 300 primary and secondary schools, commercial organizations, social welfare organizations, etc.

There are many types of emerging sports promoted by the Association, including:

​Dodge board, dodge ball, VX ball, snow battle, Finnish wooden pillar (wooden chess), floor curling, soft ball, hand cotton ball, balloon volleyball, kick ball, round tennis, whirlwind ball, Kabaddi, Pick Ball, trefoil, dry land ice hockey, Quidditch, Qiaogu, fancy rope skipping, glomerulus, shuttlecock, high-tech ball.



  1. Establish a culture of constant movement

  2. Promote community harmony and public health

  3. Add richer elements to education​



  1. Continue to introduce foreign emerging sports

  2. Unite local emerging sports organizations

  3. ​Promotion in schools and communities




  1. Emerging sports can stimulate people's creativity

  2. Physical and interpersonal health is the most important

  3. ​Non-elite players should also have room to play

Emerging sports partners

In order to further develop emerging sports, the Association is actively uniting different emerging sports associations in Hong Kong, gathering the power of everyone, and enhancing the influence of emerging sports in Hong Kong. These include teams or associations that are participating in the development of emerging sports and have a robust management structure.

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