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【Kick Ball 】|Emerging Sports in Canada

​Kickball originated from a team sport in 1986, a multi-team (3 team) team sports game that uses giant nylon balls. Twelve people play on the field. Each team has a high degree of internal cooperation and cooperation. Need a certain understanding!

Fitness ball

The reason why Jianqiu is so popular!!!

The shot must be performed by 4 people at the same time, and the cooperation is very high


​Using larger equipment, eye-catching, unique, and easy to arouse the interest of participants


Group games are particularly rich, suitable for experience activities

Fitness equipment

  • A special nylon ball is used for hiding. The diameter of the ball is about 48 inches and the weight is one kilogram.


Kick ball rules

​Kinball has been introduced and developed in 2015, and it has been overseas for more than 30 years, and competitions of all sizes have been officially held.

Initial setup

  1. Each team has four official athletes, and twelve are required to play on the court at the same time

  2. A team with the right to serve requires three teammates to kneel down on one knee to hold up the ball and allow the batter to attack.

​Win conditions

  1. After ten minutes of playing time, the highest scorer wins

  2. As tall and divided equally over 11 points lower than the score of 11 or below to leave the team, two teams race to lead the team to win 13 points

​Basic gameplay

  1. Health attacker to simultaneously touch the ball before serving

  2. The attacker needs to call the defender's color before serving, "Omnikin! + Defensive team color"

  3. ​The defensive team cannot receive the ball successfully, the other two teams get points


  1. One team fouls, the remaining two teams can get points

  2. Kick ball out of bounds

  3. ​Intentionally interfere with the team




Kin-ball field

The playing field used for kickball is about 20mx20m

Emerging Sports_Jianqiu

Kinball School promotes ViuTV program "Fun Days Out"

Emerging sports kickball must win! Do it first

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Kin Ball

​Event photos

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