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【VX Ball 】|British Emerging Sports

VX ball, also known as gentlemen's ball, originated in the United Kingdom and is a sport for singles events in the squash court.

The purpose is to use the cue to score. The higher scorer wins. There are two ways to score:

1 point is scored for the opponent's body part below or shoulders hit by the ball

3 points for the ball thrown by the opponent after the cue

It is a new sport that combines character education.

VX ball features

Value the four character spirits: honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and respect


Regardless of male and female players, they can compete fairly

Use both hands to train left and right coordination

Need to block and dodge, train reaction

VX球技巧 VX球香港訓練班

There can be multiple people and VX balls at the same time in each position, which tests the ability to cope with calmly

Players who have the ball cannot be grabbed by the opponent, reducing the chance of injury

香港域士球VX球運動總會 新興運動

Combine a variety of sports technology, can be used for technology transfer

Can be used as a team competition (5 people vs. 5 people), exciting and fun

VX ball equipment

  • The VX club is very unique. Both ends of the club have the same structure, and both sides can receive and throw the ball.

  • Players control the VX cue to dribble, bounce, throw, and catch the ball to test the player's physical coordination, accuracy and reaction speed.

  • There will be up to 5 VX balls to compete in the field during the team-based game, and the scene is very exciting.

VX球棒 VX球用具

VX ball field

The venue is simple, generally only a long venue is needed. One-on-one battles are as big as a squash court; team battles [5 versus 5] require an 80-foot X 150-foot court, which is no bigger than a basketball court.

VX ball rules

The VX ball, which emerged in North Yorkshire, England in 2006, combines the characteristics of dodge ball, club tennis, tornado ball, and canoe. Its rare double-headed club design tests the player's right and left hand coordination. The "V" and "X" of the VX ball represent the "5" and "10" in the Roman numerals, which means that 5 balls and 10 players are required for the game.

Competition format

VX balls are generally played in a 5-on-5 format. However, due to the limitation of the venue, the singles "V2" and doubles "V4" have evolved. The former uses two clubs and 3 VX balls. One-on-one matches, while the latter uses four clubs and four VX balls for a two-on-two doubles match. Participants need to snatch and hit the VX ball to the opponent’s neck or below the body part, and can also use the club to block the opponent’s shot or catch, and successfully hit the opponent to get 1 point. Three points are awarded for the opponent's shot, and the team with the more points within the time limit wins.

Victory Conditions

  1. Use the cue to score, the higher scorer wins.

  2. If the opponent's shoulder or body parts are hit by the ball: 1 point.

  3. VX balls that bounce the ground, bounce the wall, and roll the ground will all be judged as a hit.

  4. The cue stick and the wrist holding the cue stick are not counted as scoring parts.

  5. If you can use the cue stick to follow the VX ball thrown by the opponent before the VX ball bounces or hits, you can raise the cue high and call "CATCH", 3 points are awarded.


  1. Those who are hit must raise their hands to indicate to the referee, and the player who raises their hands will not be hit to score.

  2. If you use a club to attack an opponent, move the ball for more than two steps without dribbling, fail to raise your hand and call YES after being hit, or make any ungentle behavior, your opponent will get 3 points.

Global VX – 國際VX球總會成立於2006年。紳士球運動在英國中小學和大學中推行,英格蘭VX總會亦發展出多個屬會合聯盟,並舉行錦標賽。

域士球(VX球) /紳士球由黃秋南(Osman)先生在2017年,從英國引入香港,香港VX球運動總會在2018年正式成立,為Global VX – 國際VX球總會認可為香港唯一的VX球總會。



Emerging Sports【VX Ball】

India VX Ball World Cup match video

Emerging Sports【VX Ball】

India VX Ball World Cup match video

Mr. Huang Qiunan (Osman) introduces the new sports VX ball video

Emerging Sports【VX Ball】

India VX Ball World Cup match video

Emerging Sports【VX Ball】

India VX Ball World Cup match video

Emerging sports VX ball

​Event photos

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