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旋風球比賽 旋風球課程 旋風球香港

Cyclone ball is a traditional ball game (Trackball) originated from the United States, and was later introduced by Taiwan to improve the emerging sport. It can use the racket to create high-speed flying balls and curved paths without effort. It is a technical and Sports for all ages.

【Cyclone Ball 】|Taiwan emerging sports

Whirlwind ball holding color

The reason why Cyclone Ball is so popular!!!


No need to grab the ball, reduce body collision, suitable for men and women on the same field, suitable for all ages


Defensive side, lack of complementarity when receiving the ball, reflecting the spirit of cooperation


The uniquely designed racket can make a serve with a changing track

  • The special racket and the whirlwind ball with special patterns can throw unpredictable balls.

  • Using a special "tornado ball", the inside of the ball is hollow, and the surface has uneven lines.

  • The goal of the whirlwind ball is 1.3 meters x 1.3 meters

Cyclone Ball Equipment

Tornado Ball Rules

The cyclone ball sport was introduced to Hong Kong from Taiwan in 2016, and gradually began to be promoted from primary and secondary schools. The result was overwhelming response and it was loved and popularized by the public. Hong Kong also established the "Hong Kong Cyclone Ball Association" to promote the sport vigorously. Organize large and small competitions.

Initial setup

  1. Before the start of the game, it is necessary to determine the priority of the 2nd team's whirlwind ball serve (eg. guessing)

  2. A single game can only be served by a whirlwind server from the same side, and the right to serve is exchanged in each round

​Basic gameplay

  1. The offense needs to hit the whirlwind ball on the opponent's ground or goal/post (single game)

  2. The defender should try to receive the offensive whirlwind ball to counterattack

​Win conditions

  1. Winning by points in one game: the first to reach 25 points can win (the venue needs to be exchanged at 13 points)

  2. Two wins in three rounds: 15 points to win one round (each round needs to be exchanged)

  3. ​A tie requires the game to continue until either side leads by 2 points


  1. Hit the ball: directly hit the whirlwind ball back to the hostile position

  2. Walking: The whirlwind racket carries the ball and moves its feet

  3. Pinball: The ball received by the defender pops out without falling to the ground, and after three attempts to receive the ball, all pinballs (the whole team has three chances)


Tornado Ball venue

The field of the whirlwind ball is about a rectangular field of 22 meters x 4 meters, which is better on flat ground. The entire field will be divided into three areas, the serving area, their respective positions (defending area), and the middle restricted area (separated area). The serving area is approximately 4x4 meters wide; the position (defending area) is approximately 5 meters x 4 meters; the penalty area (separated area) is approximately 12 meters x 4 meters


Emerging Sports【Tornado Ball】

Introduction to MasterEdutainment Cyclone Ball


​Event photos

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