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Lap tennis is a challenging and exciting sport. There are requirements in terms of technology, tactics, and athlete's agility.

​Currently, lap tennis has developed into an international event, popular in Germany, South Africa and India.

In Hong Kong, Ring Tennis is one of the emerging sports. In the future, we will vigorously promote ring tennis in communities, middle schools and primary schools!

【Ring Tennis 】|German emerging sports

Lap Tennis Features

The reason why Ring Tennis is so popular!!!

Variety and fun

During the game, the throwing and receiving of the lap tennis will continue to change alternately. Players combine various techniques to attack and defend with proficient skills.

The rules of lap tennis are simple and easy to use, but there can be many different changes in the process, depending on the skills and experience of the participants. Therefore, Ring Tennis is fun and fun, and will never feel dull.

Fast tempo

The game process of lap tennis is very fast, which is one of the characteristics of Ring Tennis. During the whole process from receiving the ball to serving, all the movements of the athletes must be performed smoothly without unacceptable delay.

​In this way, the rhythm of the entire ring tennis ring tennis game will be very tight and exciting.

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Request technology strategy

In order to control the entire tennis game, players need to use skills to attack. The timing of the jump, the position of the game, and the throwing of the lap are all key to winning the Ring Tennis game.

  In terms of tactics, the player can limit the main effort to catch the lap tennis ball and throw the lap tennis ball into the back half of the opponent's court through a defensive throw. In this way, the defensive player can force the opponent to make a mistake and counterattack to score.

Hoop tennis equipment

  • Material and quality: The ring tennis ball is made of white or yellow solid rubber. There is no air inside, and the surface is flat and strong, so that it can spin quickly without losing stability when flying in the air.

  • 4.2 Weight and size: The weight of the lap tennis authorized by the World Lap Tennis Federation must be between 190 and 220 grams, with an inner diameter of 11 to 12 cm, an outer diameter between 17 and 18 cm, and a thickness of 3 cm (diameter ), the allowable thickness change is plus or minus 0.5 cm.

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Circle Tennis venue

The venue for lap tennis can be an indoor or outdoor court.

The lap tennis single field is a rectangle 12.20 meters long and 4.60 meters wide. The two measuring lines of 12.20 meters are called sidelines, and the line of 4.60 meters is called baseline. The 6.10 m line that divides the court into two equal parts is called the centerline. The size of the male singles field and the female singles field are exactly the same.

Lap tennis rules

Lap tennis originated in South India in the early 1900s, and became popular in European countries such as South Africa and Germany, and developed into an international event. It is called Ring tennis in South Africa, and Tenniquoits in Europe and India. At present, many schools in Europe are sports and leisure activities.

Event scale

  • International individual championships are for men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.

  • The international team championship consists of 10 players (five men and five women) and includes men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.

​Win conditions

  • A player who can place a tennis ball on the floor of the opponent's court without violating the rules of the game can score.

  • The player or side with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner of the game. If both teams get the same score at the end of the game, and not based on the elimination (Rule 8.2), the final result will be a tie.

​Basic gameplay

  • Use one hand to throw the net-shaped rubber ring into the opponent's court, and use different wise techniques to make the ring tennis hit the ground or prevent the opponent from receiving the ball and attacking again.

Game duration

  • The regular time of a game is 20 minutes, divided into the first and second halves, and each half is 10 minutes. All the above events and groups (age group) have equal competition time.

  • If the game ends in a tie, the regular game time must be extended. The extra time of the game is 10 minutes, divided into the upper and lower halves, each half time is 5 minutes.

Emerging sports [Ring Tennis]

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