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【Round Tennis 】|New American Sports

​Round tennis is a sport developed by a painter in the United States in 1995. It was renamed by Spikeball in 2008, and the sport was vigorously promoted. Its defensive methods and serving methods have been studied and diversified.

Round tennis ball

The reason why round tennis is so popular!!!


The space required is small, but taking turns to kill and catch the ball makes it sting, tense and grateful


​Requires high teamwork, cooperate with each other to defeat opponents by tricks


 Quick reaction ability required for round tennis, which can train hand-eye coordination

Round tennis equipment

  • Use Spike Ball as a round tennis ball, which is small in size and bright in color

  • Ball rack for round tennis (12-inch)


Round tennis starting rules

In 2017, round tennis was established in Hong Kong and promoted vigorously. Local primary and secondary schools gradually saw the emergence of round tennis.

Initial setup

  1. 2 people in a team, in a 2v2 format

  2. A round tennis rack is set in the middle, and the game is played 360 degrees around the rack

​Win conditions

  1. ​Until one of the players fails to receive the round tennis ball, the ball hits or falls to the ground

​Basic gameplay

  1. Take turns for each team to hit and kill the ball

  2. ​On the contrary, players who do not have the ball prepare to receive the ball and the next strategy


  1. ​The serving team must touch the ground with one foot

  2. The pass did not pass over the opponent's infield and two court lines

  3. Contact an evasion plate located in another area


Round tennis court

The players of the 2 teams need to keep around the round tennis ball to compete,

Emerging Sports Fight-Roundnet (Kovis, Aqiang)

Emerging sports introduction_ round tennis

Emerging sports round tennis RoundnetBall

​Event photos

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