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【Gaozhier Ball 】|American Emerging Sports

​Golden Ball originated from the royal movement in the Americas in ancient times. It was a new sport promoted and revived by the United States in 2013. It is a strategic sport with low physical labor and suitable for men, women, and children.

Gaozhier ball hold color

The reason why Gaozhierqiu is so popular!!!


Emphasize skillful play and outsmart strategy

Pay attention to strength and position control


Zero body contact, male and female can be in the same field

Gaozhier Ball Equipment

  • ​Golden Ball is made of special red and white hollow plastic balls, which can bear 1.5 metric tons. The number (1-7) is printed on the Gaozhier Ball.

  • ​Yellow flag and 10 red flags each


Gozhir Ball Rules

A static ball game that combines sports with resourcefulness. The game is divided into two teams, and everyone takes turns to serve the ball. The goal is to hit the ball under the opponent's ground to block its action.

Initial setup

  1. Team competition in the form of 7 vs. 7

  2. Each team needs to stand ready to play ball line, the captain will need to stand in the middle service line

​Win conditions

  1. The Gozhi Ball on either side is completely knocked back so that no Gozhi Ball is on the field at all, and the other side wins

  2. ​The game time ends, and the team with the fewest hits wins

​Basic gameplay

  1. For the purpose of hitting the opposing Gozhi Ball

  2. ​2 teams take turns to attack (hit) the opponent's Gozhi ball


  1. Can't deliberately stop others from hitting the ball

  2. ​Need to wait for the referee to signal, or take the initiative to signal to the referee, get their consent before the ball can be placed and hit


Gao Er ball field

The Gaozhier Stadium is approximately 24mx12m grass or sand. The yellow/red flag is placed on the Gaozhi ball to calculate the score.

Full version, "How to Play Wiser Ball" Chinese audio-visual textbook by WWSC

What is the Wiser Ball that is emerging all over the world?

Emerging sports Wiser Ball

​Event photos

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