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旱地冰球 Floorball 適合TEAM BUILDING 團隊訓練

【Dry field ice hockey 】|Swedish emerging sports

Dryland ice hockey originated from Sweden (1970), improved from hockey, and is no longer restricted by ice. Since the 1990s, this sport has been actively promoted to more than 100 countries, which is fun and exciting.

Dry field hockey

The reason why dry ice hockey is so popular!!!


 Full of vitality, energy, happy and relaxed exercise

風紀及領袖訓練也適合玩FLOOR BALL

 High safety, most collisions are mostly between rods and rods, which is different from collisions between other sports bodies and bodies, so it has high safety


 Easy to learn, you can get started in 10 minutes of teaching

Dryland ice hockey equipment

  • The sticks of dry ice hockey are made of glass fiber, polycarbonate or carbon fiber

  • The material of dry land ice hockey is a hollow ball made of plastic. The surface of the ball is made of 26 holes.

旱地冰球曲棍球 歷奇導師到校服務

Dry field ice hockey rink

​It can be played in basketball courts, volleyball courts, five-a-side football courts, and even indoor venues. The venues are flexible and flexible.

Dryland Hockey Rules

Dry field ice hockey evolved from ice hockey and can be played on any venue when there is enough space. Scoring with a club shot is an easy team sport.

Initial setup

  1. Ten official dodgers per team

  2. Must arrange for at least one dodge player to go to the outfield

  3. Use a 270mm diameter avoidance disc

  4. The game is divided into hands, three and a half minutes each

​Basic gameplay

  1. Hold the plate and throw at the opponent's infielder, hit the opponent to make it out

  2. The defender tries to avoid the game and avoid being out

  3. The outfielder successfully knocks out the opponent and gets the right to return to the infield

​Win conditions

  1. All opponents in the field are out within the specified time, and the half-time game ends immediately

  2. At the end of the time, if the two sides have not all been out, the number of infielders will be calculated as the team score

  3. At the end of the game, the scores from the upper and the second half are added up, and the higher one wins


*All fouls will be awarded to the opponent

  1. Any part of the holder's body touches the field line

  2. The pass did not pass over the opponent's infield and two court lines

  3. Contact an evasion plate located in another area



國際軟式曲棍球總會 (International Floorball Ferderation- IFF)成立於2005年,是現時最高的管理機構,負責管理近四千個球會及超過三十萬位來自世界各地的球員,在世界各地舉辦國際性比賽。

(International Floorball
Ferderation- IFF)


( Floorball Federation of
Hong Kong)

中國香港軟式曲棍球總會( Floorball Federation of Hong Kong)於2017年正式推動發展並通過成為國際旱地冰球聯合會之正式國際會員。短短三年間,已向過百間學校進行推廣並成立不同隊伍,更風靡不少家長組成隊伍,和學生一起參與多項本地賽事。於學界中,更有不同隊伍多次到上海、台灣、新加坡甚至芬蘭進行比賽





Introduction to Emerging Sports-Dryland Ice Hockey

Introduction to Emerging Sports-Dryland Ice Hockey

Introduction to Emerging Sports-Dryland Ice Hockey

[Suspension of classes and non-stop sports] Jockey Club Dynamic Campus x Jockey Club Dynamic Club-Dryland Ice Hockey

Introduction to Emerging Sports-Dryland Ice Hockey

Emerging sports dryland ice hockey Floorball

​Event photos









​更多新興運動的服務如 : 青年導師培訓(生涯規劃)、到校活動、體驗學習歷奇服務、領袖訓練、教師發展日、活動比賽統籌等,請跟我們聯絡!

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