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[Emerging Movement] Everyone often sees the term in the media . What is the definition of an emerging movement?

According to the information obtained by this association, the term "newsports" (English: newsports) may first appear in one of the columns of the 2013 Cheng Pao. The title of the article is "Hong Kong's Top 10 Emerging Sports". The 10 categories are : Aerial yoga, parkour (PARKOUR), street fitness, soft ball, sling (SLACKLINE), inline skates, canoe water polo, ice hockey, sports climbing, Muay Thai. The article "Emerging Sports" aims to introduce some non-traditional sports and bring new ideas to readers. At the same time, it also cites examples of different emerging sports. It is difficult to explain that there are different categories in the 10 major sports, full-body sports and extreme sports. There are some suitable for the elderly and some suitable for the young.


Then came 2017, which is believed to be an important year for laying the foundation for the "emerging movement". The following is an excerpt from the website of ``The Jockey Club "Creative Sports Project" :

Organized by the Hong Kong Playground Association and donated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the launching ceremony of the "Jockey Club "Dynamic City" Creative Sports Project" and "The Jockey Club "Dynamic Outlying Islands" Creative Sports Project" will be held at Hong Kong Baptist University today Successfully held. The first virtual sports adventure vehicle in Hong Kong launched by a social welfare agency, the "Dynamic Calendar Express", officially debuted, setting the stage for the plan. Two star ambassadors Ou Kaichun and Huang Xiaoying also joined the elite athletes to promote the four emerging sports of Frisbee, softball, light volleyball and kettleball, encouraging the public to explore new sports fields and stimulate unknown potentials.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Fund donated more than 35 million to the Hong Kong Playground Association to develop the "Jockey Club "Drifting City" Creative Sports Plan" and "The Jockey Club "Drifting Outlying Islands" Creative Sports Plan" to promote sports for all. In addition to promoting 12 new sports in 17 districts and outlying islands in Hong Kong for three consecutive years. Another highlight of the plan is the renovation and conversion of Tung Chung Outdoor Recreation Camp into the first sports-themed camp in Hong Kong. It is expected to be put into service in May. "

This plan is Hong Kong’s first largest project to promote emerging sports. The name of the plan is "creative sports" and not "new sports". It is believed that the plan includes physical fitness, water sports, martial arts, obstacle races, etc. in addition to emerging sports. element. From 2017 to 2020, the promotion of new sports under the plan includes: three-person basketball, ground pot , dodge disk , kick ball , whirlwind ball , soft darts, dry ice hockey , clever ball, baseball, frisbee, stick tennis, light Volleyball, soft ball .

The introduction of the film includes: VX ball , Finnish wooden pole, korfball , sepak takraw, pickle ball , round tennis , diving, kabaddi, juggling, high stacking, offensive and defensive arrows , cycling ball, etc.

In this case, a variety of emerging sports have been widely known since 2017. The courses for emerging sports coaches and instructors are like spring after the rain, and are popular among universities and youth centers. They are also a good choice for other learning experiences or sports training.

Emerging sports is not a new definition proposed by any scholar or organization, but a category born from the conventions of the sports industry and the media. There is no official unified statement. According to the development trend in recent years, this association attempts to summarize the elements that define emerging sports:

1. Non-mainstream

Mainstream traditional sports have generally been included in the physical education curriculum of schools, and the penetration rate is quite high. The opposite is true for emerging sports, but it is precisely because the penetration rate is not high that there is a need for promotion.

2. New invention

Some of Hong Kong's emerging sports projects may have been invented for less than ten years, but this is not an absolute factor. Many projects have been developed in foreign countries for decades or even a hundred years, and they came to Hong Kong from scratch.

3. International

From the Asian Games project to the only projects carried out in Taiwan and Hong Kong in the world, there are also opportunities to be called emerging sports.

4. Type

Extreme sports, team sports, individual sports, and even physical fitness activities have the opportunity to be called emerging sports. But generally speaking, it is more common to call the competitive category an emerging sport.

5. Low threshold

Traditional sports are mature and have high technical requirements. At the same time, the training of players tends to be elite, which is very different from the strength of beginners, forming resistance for beginners to participate. Emerging sports are mostly new projects. The advantage is that the threshold for beginners is low, which is one of the incentives for promotion and allows beginners to invest. But in fact, every emerging sport has also advanced over time and gradually matured. Senior players and coaches have begun to appear, and it is an indisputable fact that they gradually integrate with traditional sports.


Looking at the above analysis in different dimensions, the definition of emerging sports is indeed rather vague, and sometimes it is confused with traditional sports. In reality, the projects that are most easily defined as emerging sports, most of which are defined by whether they are mainstream or not, and the definition of mainstream can also be defined from the public perception, media perception, social popularity, government recognition, market value, etc. Factors.

This will also refer to the list of members ( each emerging Athletic Association ), understand the definition of the new movement:

Hong Kong VX Sports Association

Hong Kong Evasion Association

​Hong Kong and Finland Timber Pillar Development Association

Hong Kong Snow War Alliance

​Hong Kong Balloon Volleyball Association

Founder of Leli Emerging Sports Club

​Huang Qiu Nan OSMAN WONG

新假期 Weekend Weekly


作為日本國技,劍球在日本從來不死,70年代經典動畫《小雙俠》男主角、《幻法小魔星》和電玩《戰國無雙》的阿市都拿劍球當武器,現實中每年有常規比賽及可考取一至六級劍球技師資格,是一項專業,也是一份受人尊敬的職業。 劍球在香港剛回復人氣,玩家藉商品說明書及網上短片自學,基本有十式,持劍球的手勢共四式,不同招式,持劍球的手勢皆有嚴格規定,玩法演變至今已有1,400種。已有400年歷史的劍球歷久不衰,很多人視它為經典設計產品,其線條及天然木紋賦予玩家很多設計的想像,手繪或焗漆劍球具有收藏價值,並非童玩! 劍球源於11世紀的法國遊戲Bilboquet,原來的造型是一個杯子拿繩繫著一個球,後來進化成一個球上開了一小洞,木棒的尖端可以插球,木棒底部則是一個杯皿。根據玩具博物館的資料顯示,這個遊戲在意大利、日本、芬蘭、秘魯、哥倫比亞、墨西哥等國家,以及Inuit、Pommawanga、Chippewayan等民族間各有不同設計,甚至同一國家或民族出現多於一個設計。在江戶時代傳到日本時,成為晚餐後的娛樂節目,到大正年間(1918年)再改良成現今的模樣,並按法文意譯為日月球,到近代改叫劍球/劍玉,英文也由日文譯音而來。   更多精彩內容,請上: 官方討論區:   ^.^
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