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​Past Events

​RBC Childlike Race


​PNL fully supports

The Hong Kong Boys' Clubs Association has been invited by the Royal Bank of Canada to be the organizer of the "RBC Children's Heart Contest" Hong Kong Station since 2013.

The "RBC Children's Heart Competition" charity walking and running competition is held every year around the world to raise funds for children and youth services in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom and the United States. Since the event started in 2007, it has attracted more than 120,000 participants and raised more than 27 million US dollars. The number of participants has continued to grow, benefiting more children and young people around the world. "RBC Children's Heart Race" Hong Kong Station is suitable for runners of different age groups and levels. There are 3km, 10km individual time trials and 3km individual and family easy running and walking. All proceeds from this year’s activities will be allocated to the non-government funded services of The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong—Community Creative Learning Center and Re-growth-Child Development Fund Project II, hoping to help young people in need develop their potential and increase their prospects Opportunities on the flow.

The parent company of PNL, at the "Children's Heart Walking Day and Carnival" that day, co-organized different emerging sports experience booths, including: VX ball, dodge disc, Finnish wooden pole and other emerging sports, in order to promote more different emerging sports to children Participate in play with young people to help the physical and mental development.

Leli Sports Emerging Sports Popularization Project

樂歷體育新興運動普及計劃 20181.jpg

​Activity guests

議員-馬逢國先生-樂歷體育新興運動普及計劃 2018 (樂歷PNL 新興運動 樂歷教育中心贊助)

Mr. Ma Fengguo


施寶盛-花式足球-樂歷體育新興運動普及計劃 2018 (樂歷PNL 新興運動 樂歷教育中心贊助)

Mr. Shi Baosheng

(Hong Kong Fancy Footballer)

胡凱欣-泰拳-樂歷體育新興運動普及計劃 2018 (樂歷PNL 新興運動 樂歷教育中心贊助)

Ms. Hu Kaixin

(Hong Kong female Muay Thai fighter)

張小倫-劍擊-樂歷體育新興運動普及計劃 2018 (樂歷PNL 新興運動 樂歷教育中心贊助)

Mr. Zhang Xiaolun

(Fencing player)

​Exciting event highlights

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