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【Dodge Ball 】|Emerging Sports in Japan

Evasion is an emerging movement in Japan, introduced from Taiwan in 2015 by the founder of the Hong Kong Evasion Association, Mr. OSMAN WONG.

​The dodge disk movement is quite mature in Japan. The dodge disk equipment is light and safe. It is also a team competition, so it is very popular in the middle school and elementary schools in Hong Kong.

泡泡足球Bubble SoccerBubble Football最早出現於挪威人Henrik Elvestad和Johan Golden的電視節目黃金入球 。該運動隨後透過自籌資金的方式在英國迅速傳播。截至2014年,這項運動已普及於美國紐西蘭等國家。

​及後, 更成立了National Association of Bubble Soccer 在全球推廣泡泡足球。



The reason why evasion disk is so popular!!!

泡泡足球香港 新興運動 教練 證書

The evasion plate equipment is light and easy to carry, the material is soft, safe but still exciting and fun


The dodge board sport is a team sport, a team of ten, a sport where many people have fun

新興運動 教練 指導員 香港 介紹

The avoidance exercise rarely involves physical contact, so it is very suitable

Men and women in the same field for the tournament

Avoidance equipment

  • The material for the dodge plate is composed of nylon and foam

  • Dodge disk competitions use dodge disk equipment approved by the Asian Dodge Disk Federation

  • Both the open group and the middle school group use a dodge disk with a diameter of 270mm

  • Dodge disks used in primary school competitions with a diameter of 250mm dodge disks


Avoidance field

A 9x18m volleyball court is used for the official dodge game. The area within the field line is called the infield, which is separated by the midfield line, and each team occupies an infield field. All areas outside the field line are called outfields.

All the evasive players in the infield after the end of the field is the team's score.


Avoidance rules

Initial setup

  1. Ten official dodgers per team

  2. Must arrange for at least one dodge player to go to the outfield

  3. Use a 270mm diameter avoidance disc

  4. The game is divided into hands, three and a half minutes each

​Basic gameplay

  1. Hold the plate and throw at the opponent's infielder, hit the opponent to make it out

  2. The defender tries to avoid the game and avoid being out

  3. The outfielder successfully knocks out the opponent and gets the right to return to the infield

​Win conditions

  1. All opponents in the field are out within the specified time, and the half-time game ends immediately

  2. At the end of the time, if the two sides have not all been out, the number of infielders will be calculated as the team score

  3. At the end of the game, the scores from the upper and the second half are added up, and the higher one wins


*All fouls will be awarded to the opponent

  1. Any part of the holder's body touches the field line

  2. The pass did not pass over the opponent's infield and two court lines

  3. Contact an evasion plate located in another area


  1. 我們在此呼籲大家要以安全第一為玩泡泡足球的原則,不要因為玩得忘我便忘記自己和他人的人身安全,也不要上場就一直猛烈攻擊別人,被裁判吹哨音且屢勸不聽者,會被請出場喪失玩的資格。

  2. 參加者不可以從後面或斜後方撞擊別人,正面撞擊是最好的方式,

  3. 穿上泡泡裝後只有腳部會露出來,所以也不得攻擊對手的腳部。

  4. 穿著泡泡裝者嚴禁撞擊或碰撞旁觀人士,或是沒有穿著泡泡裝的人。

  5. 如果看到有穿泡泡裝的人已經被撞倒在地上或在翻滾,請勿再次撞擊他。

  6. 不要撞擊隊友


Emerging Sports【Dodgebee】

Japanese game film

Emerging Sports【Dodgebee】

Japanese game film

Dodge Disk Dodgebee's Emerging Sports Promotional Video

Sports Chair: Mr. Keyman Ma Qiren

Emerging Sports【Dodgebee】

Japanese game film

Emerging Sports【Dodgebee】

Japanese game film

Emerging sports dodge disc Dodgebee

​Event photos

​更多新興運動的服務如 : 青年導師培訓(生涯規劃)、到校活動、體驗學習歷奇服務、領袖訓練、教師發展日、活動比賽統籌等,請跟我們聯絡!

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