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【Pickball 】|American Emerging Sports

​Pickball originated in the United States in 1965, and was promoted and developed on a large scale in the United States in 1970. In 2016, the number of active players increased to 3.3 million. Combining the characteristics of badminton, table tennis, and tennis, it is the fastest growing new sport.

Pickball holding color

The reason why Pickleball is so popular!!!


The amount of activity and exercise of pickleball is smaller than that of tennis. People who don't play tennis too much are suitable to play pickleball as a regular exercise.


The venue and equipment required for pickleball is cheaper than tennis, and it is easy to popularize


Very popular in China, Taiwan and the United States

Pickle equipment

  • The size of a pickleball is similar to that of a tennis ball. It is an empty ball made of hard plastic and has 26 holes of various diameters.

  • ​Pickball's racket looks like a larger billiard racket


Pick the ball field

Pickleball has an exclusive field, and its sports characteristics are similar to badminton, so badminton courts can also be used. The size of the playing field is (20 feet x 44 feet)

​網高方面分為男子組及女子組:  男子組為2.1米; 女子組為1.9米



Pickleball rules

Initial setup

  1. 2 pickleball players for each team in a 2-on-2 format

  2. The server must stand behind the service line and throw a pick ball diagonally to the opponent

​Basic gameplay

  1. Hold that only the server can get points, the opponent fails to receive the ball, the server gets points, otherwise, the server does not score

  2. ​The receiver needs to wait for the ball to bounce off the ground before it can hit the pick ball back

​Win conditions

  1. The first to reach 11 points in each round, the final score is 2 points ahead of the other team, which is the winner

  2. ​Tie, there will be overtime, the winner by 2 points


  1. The server hits the ball and the ball touches the net

  2. Batting out of bounds

  3. ​The receiver hits back the pick ball without waiting for the ball to bounce on the ground







Introduction to Emerging Sports_Pickball

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